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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

New Pokémon Snap Platinum Awards Coming to My Nintendo

Physical New Pokémon Snap themed goods are available on the My Nintendo store in Japan with two different items available to purchase with Platinum points. First up, users can get their hands on a Fastener Pouch Set for 500 Platinum Points. A large blue pouch (measuring 172 x 130 mm) and a smaller green pouch (122 x 92 mm) featuring New Pokémon Snap themed artwork are on offer. The Pouch Set is set to ship in early May. 

A Letter Set featuring window envelopes and Pokémon themed stationery is also available for 400 Platinum Points. The set contains two varieties of envelopes, and two different kinds of letter writing paper. Both kinds of paper feature artwork on the back, however one features “photos” of Pokémon on both the front and back. The idea here is that the sender can fold the letter in half and have the Pokémon on display through the window. This can also be used as a photo frame of sorts as the envelopes themselves come furnished with a stand on the back. The Letter Set currently ships out in two to six business days. 

Although these items are free, users will have to pay postage which runs at ¥550 per item, however, up to three Platinum Point Awards can be shipped in one package. My Nintendo users can also receive free shipping if they spend ¥5,500 or more per order. Currently, these New Pokémon Snap items are exclusive to the My Nintendo Store in Japan. You can see pictures of the items below. 


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