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Monday, April 20, 2020

Famicast Game Night | 004 | April 2020

Welcome to Famicast Game Night, a night of banter, debauchery, oh and video games of course!
Every few months we invite our Patrons to join us and play whatever games they request!

Game Night 004

Thanks to James Allen, Lemonade, Ballz, and Russ for making it out on the night! For those that couldn't - enjoy this video with a nice beverage of your choice and try to imagine you were there!

Order of events:
  • 00:01:01 - Warface 
  • 00:29:38 - Fast RMX 
  • 01:05:56 - Tetris 99 
  • 01:35:10 - Luigi's Mansion 3 
  • 01:53:39 - Rocket League  
This is the last Game Night of Season 3, but we are planning to continue this into Season 4!

Ty: "It's like Call of Duty, but free"

We're still waiting for Danny (top right) to finish

Three different Tetris themes go head-to-head!

"We ain't afraid of no ghosts" infers that we are afraid of some ghosts.

Striiiiiiiiike one! At one point we had al all-UK team Vs an all-USA team!

Wait, so how do I get to join in or watch the video?

Please to be joining our Patreon where you'll get instant access to this, and many more bonus podcast episodes! Get cool new shows, help us out, win/win right?

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