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Monday, September 2, 2019

La Mulana 2 | Hands-on Impressions | Switch

by Michael Brandse 
Like Dark Souls for your brain.
So finally, after waiting for a very long time, fans of the first game finally got to play La Mulana 2 for the Switch. Well, the Japanese fans anyway, since at the time of writing the game is only available for the Switch with Japanese and Chinese language options.
The original La Mulana was known for being hard, way before Dark Souls re-popularized the difficult game. However, more so than its difficulty, La Mulana was also known for being incredibly cryptic, filled to the brim with devious puzzles. It was a game like none other, a game where it felt like exploration was justly rewarded. I was a big fan of the game. So when La Mulana 2 was announced, I could not be happier. Not wanting to wait for the English language text version, I decided to give the Japanese version a go to see how it holds up.
At first, it seems like the game is a bit easier than its predecessor. You are quickly rewarded with items that the original hid behind cryptic clues, with the initial puzzles being nothing more than “hit it from below” kind of puzzles. Fortunately, that is just the opening of the game. Once you enter the “Roots of Yggdrasil,” the game’s actual first level and start exploring it, everything that made the original La Mulana so much fun is back in full force. The game also controls a bit tighter this time around. The main character’s jumps seem to have a bit more control to it and this time around, the character can actually crouch as well.
All in all, I am having a blast with the game so far. I want to wait with giving the game a full review until I can play the English text version so I can get the most out of the game, but if initial impressions are anything to go by, this game is going to rock!

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