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Friday, August 23, 2019

The Famicast 156 - THE GREATEST SHOW

MAN, you're looking at the greatest podcast team for the greatest episode of the Famicast ever! JC is here to talk Nintendo Game Pass games, Sairus is ready to henshin a go-go with more Power Rangers chat, and Ty shows off the Switch version of Fantasy Strike during the show! After that the boys sit down and watch the Indie World show together as it happens LIVE (kind of) during the podcast, our new technology means we don't have to wait to add in extra videos now, woot! If all of that wasn't enough, we still had time to squeeze in a super special segment about which SNES game we'd like to see on Super Nintendo Online (if and when it happens). You won't want to miss this one, BEST EPISODE EVER!!!

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