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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Famicast Presents: The Summer of Streams! [2019 Edition]

Welcome to our hub page of this year's Summer of Streams! 
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---------------Summer of Streams is now over!-----------------

August 21st - Morphies Law with Ty & JC (Splatoon meets Day of the Dead)

August 22nd - Dragon Quest 11 (Part 1) with JC (Legendary RPG gets an epic demo)
August 24th - Dragon Quest 11 (Part 2)

August 23rd - Super Wiloo Demake with JC (Cute 2D Platformer)

August 24th - Dragon Quest 11 (Part 3) with JC (The quest continues in this lengthy demo!)
August 24th - Dragon Quest 11 (Part 4)

August 25th - Toki with JC (Arcade classic remade with modern Cuphead-style graphics!)
August 25th - Sagebrush (First person adventure game that intentionally looks like a PS1 game!)

August 26th - Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior with JC (Very tough scrolling slash 'em up / platformer game)

August 27th - Mekabolt with JC (2D puzzle platformer, shoot robots to freeze/unfreeze them to win)

August 28th - Dragon Quest 11 (Part 5) (I can't believe S-E are giving away this much for free!)
August 28th - Masquerada: Songs and Shadows (Tactical RPG action with high-budget voice acting)

August 29th - My Big Sister with JC (Spooky, weird, cute horror game with pixel graphics!)
August 29th - Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble with JC (Advance Wars: Part 2!)

August 30th - Devious Dungeon 2 with JC (Hack and slash dungeon crawler with procedurally generated levels and...you guessed it - a cute pixel art style!)

August 31st - Dragon Quest 11 (Part 6) (The final part of the demo!)
August 31st - FullBlast with JC (Vertical shoot 'em up arcade action!)

September 1st - Bird Game + (Cell-shaded bird simulator, which is somehow like Star Fox!)

September 2nd - Heroes Trials (Simple DS Zelda-style action-adventure game!)

September 3rd - Warlock's Tower (GameBoy style single screen puzzle game!)

September 4th - Hoggy 2  (Super cute platformer with gravity swapping mechanics, and a level editor!)

September 5th - Gravity Duck (Puzzle platformer with a gravity-defying duck!)

September 6th - Banjo & Kazooie DLC (Surprise bonus stream after the Direct!)

September 7th - Super Kirby Clash (Free to play Kirby announced during the Direct!)

September 8th - The Wardrobe (Old school point-and-click adventure game!)

September 9th - Mochi Mochi Boy (Stretch your mochi to reach the goal!)

September 10th - Peasant Knight (Auto-runner with a cute little knight character)

September 11th - End of Summer of Streams!

September 12th - TGS 2019 starts,  click here for out TGS hub page! 

September 13th - Famicast Friday #80 is live - click here!

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