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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Fammies 2018 - Group B - The Worst Group

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Group B - The Worst Group

Please STOP...of the Year

This award is all about stopping trends before they become a thing! This year we decided that phone/tablet games coming to the Switch is not something we want. Sure the Switch is a tablet of sorts, but games should be designed with the console's strengths first, not a dumping ground for crappy phone games. The fewer cheap (in a bad way) games on the Switch the better. Similarly, MOBA games designed for the Chinese PC or smartphone market are not things we really want on the console either. We know Nintendo is pushing to be more popular in China now that the console ban has been lifted there, but we just hope they don't start throwing money into the MOBA pot in a vain attempt to gain popularity [Sai streams AoV beta].

Disappointment of the Year

Maybe de Blob evokes some nice memories from your childhood (assuming you were a child in the Wii days), but lets this be a warning, some games are better left in the past. Remember the Wii didn't have a second analogue, so the camera was mainly automatic. Now it's here on Switch and everything about it Sure it's colorful, but this ain't Splatoon. This is just a generic platformer from a console that had Super Mario Galaxy, and now it's a generic platformer on a console that has Super Mario Odyssey. [de Blob video review and stream] The runner up may be controversial in that a lot of people like Hollow Knight, however with all the hype surrounding the game, here's a reminder that it's not for everyone. Some people may like the confusing map design and dark colorless world, but others may find it all a bit disappointing that such a beloved game could be so...boring [Jon's positive review & JC's stream]

Complete Garbage of the Year

No arguments here we think. Nickelodeon Kart Racers is pure garbage from start to finish. Bad controls, bad graphics, bad sound, bad use of license, do you need any more reasons? How about the fact it's nearly a full priced game on a console that has the sublime Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. [Grab your sick bag for the video review]
The runner up is a lot less offensive, but still bad nonetheless. The Deer God is just an endless bore-fest that makes you question life. But not in a good way [Put your sleeping cap on and watch the video review]

Feature Still Missing from Switch of the Year

We're three months away from Nintendo Switch's two year anniversary, and we still don't know why there is a friend's list on the console. To tease us? To annoy us? Oh look, Sairus is playing Smash Bros. Ultimate, just wait a second while I send him a text on my phone to tell him I'd like to play online with him. Indeed, joining friends' games from the friend list should be a two-click and you're done process, heck the 3DS and even the original Wii did it for some games! Get on it Nintendo. The runner up is the fact that we still can't gift our friends games on the eShop. Come on Nintendo, we thought you were all about being nice to friends and family.

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