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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Famichatting: E3 2018 - Days 1 & 2 [Feat. Cheesemeister!]

Famichatting: E3 2018 - Pre-Direct Nintendo Games!

The guys chat about all the stuff annouced on Nintendo platforms from the first two days, and this is even before the Nintendo Direct! Keep it locked here on thefamicast.com for Part 2 tomorrow/later today depending on your time zone!
Today's is extra special as we have a special guest contributor, Cheesemeister!

Day 1 - Monday June 11th

Devolver Digital

My Friend Pedro
James: The name put me off, the premise put me off, then I watched the trailer - now I want it!! Basically a 2D Max Payne / The Matrix simulator, looks awesome!
Danny: Being a fan of 2D shooting games, this immediately struck me as cool. We have a bit of a wait for the game, but this is something that I would probably pick up. It looks easy to pick up and play but difficult to master.
Sairus: This falls into that category of “Looks cool, but I’ll probably never play it”. It’s a shame it wasn’t able to release closer to Deadpool 2. This basically looks like a tie in game! 


The Elder Scrolls: Legends
James: Sure, OK. Not sure how I feel about all these iOS style free-to-play games coming to Switch. Actually I do know how I feel. I don’t like it, but whatever - some people will like it.
Danny: Pass. 
Sairus: I’ve played a ridiculous amount of Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone over the years so I’ll at least give this one a shot. From what I’ve heard it’s actually quite good, even as a single player game which is a rarity. It’s free so why not?
Cheesemeister: Card games have their following, and more options are always a good thing.

Fallout Shelter
James: As above. Although don’t you always need to be online for this?
Danny: Ehhhh...I don’t remember if I downloaded this on my phone back when it released. I might give this a look. Even if I do, I can see myself playing it for maybe a week tops and then “shelving” it.
Sairus: I miiiight play this kind of game on a phone (but I haven’t till now). I can’t imagine actually sitting down at a console to play it, portable or not.
Ty: I played this for a while. It’s kinda fun, I guess.
Cheesemeister: While I like nuclear survival as a fantasy concept -- Terminator always keeps me entertained --  I’m not sure if I want to commit to playing a game about it. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try, being free-to-play.


Madden 19 [is not coming to Switch]
James: The reasoning was hilariously arbitrary. “We, errr, don’t think, errr, games on Switch sell, we mean, don’t look good, errrr, oh we just can’t be bothered to downgrade it OK, happy?”
Danny: I’m a bit disappointed, but not surprised. Before E3, I was looking at sales numbers for FIFA vs Madden and boy. Obviously soccer is bigger worldwide, but the sales numbers aren’t even close. I guess I’ll just stick with 10-Yard Fight, the only American football game on Switch. I don’t really have a choice!
Sairus: They really fumbled this announcement. Ohohohohoho, see I can make American Football jokes.
Cheesemeister: EA has never really cared about Nintendo hardware. What else is new?

Nintendo [Lanyards!]

James: Smash Bros, Mario DLC, ARMS DLC, Zelda sequel apparently. 100% confirmed*. Holy shit, I might be getting excited about the Direct tomorrow, help me!
Danny: 1080 Snowboarding. Obviously. 
Sairus: Nintendo Warriors game announced. Owning certain Nintendo titles will unlock characters from that game to play as. 3 versions of Mario confirmed!
Cheesemeister: It means that the NOA marketing department is hard at work.

Day 2 - Tuesday June 12th   


James: This was announced a while back on PS4, so interesting to see it announced today on Switch. I guess if JUMP FORCE can’t come to Switch this is the best alternative. Also why is EVERYTHING IN CAPS IN JAPAN?
Danny: I’ve seen this show on TV once. I think I had enough of it then.
Sairus: I’m a big fan of the My Hero Academia show, and while this game has some cute visual flairs with the sound effect onomatopoeia, it still just looks like any other Naruto fighting game. I’ll pass, despite the chance to play as Tsuyu. 


Trials Rising
James: Trials looks hella fun, plus I like the more grounded environments they showed. Is this the first Trials game on Nintendo platforms?
Danny: I played quite a bit of Trials on Vita about four years ago. It’s a fun game, but I think I had my fill back then.
Sairus: I played a ton of Trials in college so this is a welcome announcement! I may or may not actually pick this up in the end, since my Must Play Catalogue is getting kinda long, but it’s definitely high on my list of maybes! I always loved how failing in Trials is almost as fun as beating a challenge and it’s great how the trailer really played into that.

Starlink [featuring Star Fox!]
James: Miyamoto being a surprise member of the audience was a nice touch! Yves Guillemot’s French accent was obviously too much for him though and he clearly didn’t understand a word he was saying, bless him! Oh, as for the game, so is it a regular shooter or what? Comes out near my birthday, October 16th so maybe someone will buy it for me anyway. But hey, Star Fox people!!
Danny: As I was watching the Ubisoft event and the video for this game as they were calling for more help, I initially thought to myself, “Boy. That sure sounds a lot like Star Fox. How the hell do they think they can get away with this?!” Well, by actually having Nintendo give them the okay, that’s how! It’s definitely a cool addition and really fitting for the game. At the same time, the whole toy aspect doesn’t interest me in the slightest. 
Sairus: I was probably going to buy a starter pack for this game anyway since I’m a sucker for Toys to Life games, but now it comes with an Arwing “amiibo” so that’s a definite. I love me some space shooters and so far this game hasn’t really blown me away with its gameplay, but hopefully it feels better than it looks. 
Cheesemeister: That makes two Ubisoft-Nintendo tie-ups in a row. What’s next, Just Dance for the NES Power Pad?

LIMITED RUN GAMES [Physical releases of digital games]

Dust: an Elysian Tail
James: This looks very stylish. Reminds me of Muramasa et al, high production values for sure. Not for me though.

Cosmic Star Heroine
James: *Googles* Holy crap this looks cool as heck! It’s basically Chrono Trigger but set in the future. Great fit for the Switch.

Already available, but getting a physical release:
Night Trap 
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas 
Golf Story
James: I’d only get Yooka-Laylee if it came on a miniaturized N64 cartridge. Oh and that the game was actually good. Golf Story should come physically to Japan, it’d do gangbusters.
Cheesemeister: As tempting as Night Trap and Yooka-Laylee boxes and carts are, I went all-digital on modern Nintendo systems with the advent of the 3DS eShop. Cool for those who like their packages, though!

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