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Friday, February 9, 2018

Official EVO Japan 2018 Statistics

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The EVO Japan Executive Committee held “Evolution Championship Series: Japan 2018 (EVO
Japan 2018)”, 3 days Fighting Game Tournament on January 26~28, 2018, which was closed
successfully gathering more than a total of 12,000 players and guests from all over the world.
“Evolution Championship Series (EVO) “ is the largest fighting game tournaments in the world, and
“EVO Japan 2018” became “EVO” held for the first time except the United States. The number of
entries are more than 7,000, and 38% out of them was from foreign countries. It proves the event has
high in-bound effect and is able to embody “The Largest Fighting Game Festival in the World” in
“EVO” which adopt a unique rule like no seeded players, open entry to everyone, all tournament
from qualification to final held in 3days. Such a global e-sports event like EVO was held in Japan
where is the fighting game birthplace, meaning a lot to us. The word “e-sports” is getting popular in
Japan nowadays, but “EVO Japan 2018” made a clear distinction from the genre so called e-sports in

In the main tournament of 7 titles, top-level players participated from all over the world, and once
qualification started, exciting matches were developed everywhere in the venue and many audience
watching matches were there just like EVO in the US. To enjoy not only playing but also watching
games and to go enthusiastic with all of them is one of the major characteristic of EVO. It was also
shown in EVO Japan 2018. At the same time, many side events were held by communities, and a lot
of communication between players, beyond difference of language and nationality happened.
In addition, broadcasting of the event through internet was watched by a lot of audience who could
not come to the venues. The total number of viewing was accumulated to more than 10.8million all
over the world.

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