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Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Famicast 117 - NEW METAL FORCE

Happy New Year and welcome to another awesome episode from all of us here at The Famicast! The guys are all back to kick off 2018 with discussion on Ty's Famicast field trip to DMM games to talk to Tak Fuji about Gal Metal, Oxenfree, Splatoon 2's Clam Blitz mode, The Deer God, Sonic Forces, Mario Odyssey, Doom, Stardew Valley and more! The guys also catch up on some last minute game of the year (2017) wrap-up, including the top games from a very special guest!

Heck, we even have a mini game show for this month based around ARMS characters! Start your 2018 off right with a healthy dose of The Famicast!

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