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Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 2017 Podcast Schedule

With TGS over, the Famicrew are having a bit of a rest before jumping into October feet first! (if you missed our TGS coverage, check it all out here on this handy hub page)

Danny is out for episode 111, so look out for a super special guest very soon in our first show of the month! In week 2 we have a return of everyone's favourite videogame radio show with James' Sound Test. The theme, as you could probably guess is autumn / fall and Halloween, please to enjoy!

In week 3, the whole crew will be together again for episode 112, doesn't a big game come out around then too? Hopefully at least one of us has played it.

Finally, to wrap up the month, James and Ty regroup for another dose of professional game designing with Famicast: ACDC! (Arm Chair Designer's Club) This month they promise to fix the Starfox series and deliver the ideal version directly to their uncles at Nintendo, it's sure to be a treat!

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