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Monday, July 3, 2017

July 2017 Podcast Schedule

Welcome to July! Here in Japan it starts to get rather* hot around this time, but not as hot as the Famicast is getting!

This month we have 2 fabulous and free episodes of the Famicast for you, if you haven't already listened to / watched episode 105, go ahead and do that right now will ya!

We also have 2 additional bonus episodes to dazzle and entertain our beautiful/handsome Patron supporters! In week 2, JC and Danny will combine forces for the first ever episode of Famicast Screen Time. This show is dedicated to all things movie and TV, but because this is Famicast you know it's going to have a unique Japan spin to it, plus a whole segment about movie games of course!

In week 4, you better batten down the hatches because team troll has teamed up to bring you Arm Chair Designer's Club (we love acronyms), a podcast all about re-designing games that we love(d). Tune in and bathe in the shenanigans that Ty and JC have planned for y'all!

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