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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Famichatting - Splatoon 2 Direct (July 6th, 2017)

A brand new Splatoon 2 Direct just hit, and the hype levels for the game are off the charts at
Famicast HQ! Here's the play by play of all the cool stuff that was announced, and how the Famicrew reacted! If you want to watch the official video, check it out here.

James: Holy crap guys, the game is almost here, my hype levels are off the charts! Despite at the time of this going live I still can’t find a Switch.
Danny: I’m mildly excited. My hype levels are at a reasonable level.
Sairus: I’m excited, but not as much as I thought I’d be. I guess this still feels like a Splatoon 1.5 to me despite how much they’ve added and changed.

James: Seriously Sai?! Come on, they changed or updated literally every aspect of the game!

James: More skin colours and you can change it at any time too
Danny: I like the customization here. Way to go, Nintendo!
Sairus: I thought it was cute how they explained this as “Squids can freely change their skin color in nature!”. Seeing Nintendo generally adding more skin tone choices to their games is always appreciated!

James: Eye colours is a new thing. Finally Sairus can have the purple eyes he’s always dreamt of having in real life I guess.
Danny: Uhhhhhh...I want purple eyes, too?
Sairus: ...my Inkling in the Splatfest demo may already have purple eyes, yes.

James: Is the shopkeeper called Craymond, a girl?
Danny:I would go for neither male nor female here...but it’s definitely a girl...
Sairus: Craymond is the little shrimp dude floating above her. Flow is the nudibranch (science is fun with Sairus!) girl. She’s definitely my favorite of the new store clerk designs, mainly for her overall shape, but also for the weirdly scientifically accurate details like her possibly having fake arms and only having one foot.

James: Jelfonzo, great Italian name for an octopus that speaks ye olde English.
Danny: I like the way the guys speaks!
Sairus: This was a fun and unexpected choice for his dialect. I imagine in Japanese he speaks entirely in classical Japanese or something.

James: Jesus, kill it with fire!
Danny: Dem boots!
Sairus: I love how when it comes to designing girl characters they make them cutesy with floppy hats. When it’s a male character they go straight to terrifying monsters.

James: Training mode looking a lot more in-depth. I hope there are more things to do.
Danny:I always enjoyed hopping into training to try new weapons and the like out. I also hope that things are even more fleshed out this time around.
Sairus: I felt the previous training mode was fine for what it was, but more options for checking stuff out before you invest in buying is never bad.

James: Flingza Roller is called the “Variable Roller” in Japanese, let’s you flick wide/short or length-ways/far.
Danny:This thing looks pretty dope!
Sairus: Since this is a new game are we allowed to go back to saying the roller is overpowered as heck? They even gave it a new firing mode! Banned in tournaments please.

James: OK are they being cute here to get more streamers on YouTube? Weirdly called the “Soy Tuber” in Japanese.
Danny: Gotta rep that soy bean capital of the world mantra!
Sairus: I never get tired of the “thrown together out of spare parts” designs in Splatoon.
James: Actually, you just made me realise, isn’t this a kerosene pump!? (it’s a Japan thing)

James: The Baller looks legit fun. Although we don’t know if it’s invincible or not yet.
Danny: I really like the new weapons and such that are being added. It will definitely play into coming up with new strategies for the game.
Sairus: A lot of these special weapons look very cool.

James: Didn’t we already have an art museum in Splat1?
Danny: We might have?
Sairus: I guess this is an art university, not a museum?
James: Haha, good point. It actually looks like Tokyo Uni now you mention it

James: Gotta wonder if the end credits take place here.
Danny: Good luck actually getting that far JC!
James: *eye roll*

James: In true Japanese style, the cycle/skate park is indoors!
Danny: Japan has four seasons. It would be crazy to have this type of stage outside!
Sairus: I saw an outdoor skatepark on one of my Great Switch Expeditions once! Looked janky as heck.

James: It’s either extreme sports or maritime based locations in Splatoon 2!
Danny: The devs seem to want to push the “Japan-ness” in this game.
Sairus: Gotta get the kids back into the fishing industry. Fish farming is cool and hip, kidz!

James: Thermal Ink! A cool way of adding a “Hero Vision” mode without it just being a button that toggles on and off.
Danny:Okay. This was just cool. Again, another weapon that can potentially change the way that we play the game.
Sairus: Yeah, this was a very cool looking skill. It seems like a really powerful ability too.

James: I couldn’t tell you which ones are new to be honest! Maybe that x2 one on the middle right doubles your stats?
Danny: Yeah, from this screen alone, I couldn’t say. Still, the race to get as many of these attached to your gear will be essential to getting better at the game!
Sairus: Man I barely knew what any of these meant in Splatoon 1. No idea what ones are different here.

James: I was legit hype for this mode already, now they’re adding bosses! Holy crap this is going to be awesome in co-op!
Danny: I’m really interested to delve into this mode. The videos look interesting enough but I can’t wait to try them for myself.
Sairus: This mode looks really friggin good. I played a lot of Horde Mode and Firefight in Gears of War and Halo respectively. I still don’t really like the dirty orange and brown color scheme a lot of it seems to have though.
James: It’s all because of some nasty company called Grizzco Industries. Get with the canon people!

James: Sounds like it gets harder at night. Also now we know these missions are scheduled similar to the main stage rotation.
Danny: Zombie salmon are the worst kind of salmon!
Sairus: I wonder is the night time actually synced to the times the Salmon Run stages are open, or will it just get dark at certain points during any attempt at the mode.

James: There’s definitely going to be a fourth Ranked Mode unlocked sometime over the year.
Danny: God. Ranked mode was something I avoided in the original. Played a few times but my scrubby-ness overtook any progress I would ever make.
Sairus: Splitting up the ranks is a neat idea. I really sucked at Rainmaker, so my rank never really went up very high despite rocking Splat Zones and Tower Control.
James: Jeez. Where’s Mr Scrubquotes when you need him?

James: Looks like it’s only pair or group for ranked now, none of that silly 3-players Vs 4-player nonsense from Splat1
Danny: Thank, god!
Sairus: Not much to say here. This is obviously a good thing!
James: Although that still means we need a 4th person. Listeners/readers, wanna join us?

James: I’m sticking with motion controls for Splat2, so having separate options for TV and handheld mode is really great to hear!
Danny: I personally never really got into the motion controls, even though they were pretty non-obtrusive. I’m still willing to give them another go, though!
Sairus: I heard from basically everyone that motion controls was outright better than regular controls once you got good with them. Turn speed and aiming was massively improved if you stuck with it. I hated it all the way down though and I don’t think I’ll use it in Splatoon 2 either.James: Aaaaand that’s why both of you sucked at the game.

James: Miiverse is back, except don’t call it Miiverse! I guess the Splatoon team at Nintendo ignored the fact it had been cancelled and did it anyway, good on them!
Danny: Miiverse 2.0! I’m going to love drawing with the joystick! (not really)
Sairus: There was a sudden outcry of “oh wait, the Switch doesn’t have a stylus!” on Twitter after the Splatfest demo launched. I went out and bought myself a generic stylus so I can still draw stuff without resorting to finger painting.
James: Danny still finger paints.

James: Save your hair, gear, and controls to an amiibo to use at a friend’s house. Literally never gonna use that option.
Danny: Pfffffffff. Weak use of amiibo here. Do not care!
Sairus: This is what Smash Bros should have had. I will literally never use this feature with Splatoon. In what situation would someone happen to have an amiibo on them, but not their own copy of Splatoon and their Switch?

Final Thoughts

Danny: Honestly, I can’t really say that I was excited for Splatoon 2. It’s a game that I know I’m going to buy, and in the end, I’ll probably end up enjoying it. As opposed to the first game, which was a surprise basically out of nowhere, I feel like we know what we’re getting with Splatoon 2. I don’t mean that in a bad way, either. We’re going to get what was great about the first game and then some. I’m totally down with that!

James: I'm just glad another Splatoon game can potentially win GOTY 2017, if not GOTD! No, but seriously though, I'm super hype for this, and can someone please help me find a Switch already?


Chrys said...

Super hyped! Cant wait to get in on some matches with the crew and James ive been sending you good vibes everyday in hopes it'll help you find a switch. Good luck!

Famicomplicated said...

Gah! Send STRONGER vibes! ;-)