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Friday, March 1, 2024

“Potato Chip Fest” Coming to Splatoon 3 in Japan March 23

Yet another exclusive Splatfest is coming to Japan this March. The "Potato Chip Fest" will kick off properly on Saturday, March 23 (9:00 a.m. JST) and run until Monday, March 25 (9:00 a.m. JST), Nintendo has teamed up with the Japanese company Calbee and their line of potato chips. The Splatfest question is putting three chip flavors to the tricolor vote: lightly salted, consommé (bullion) or salted seaweed. Being a Japanese brand that is relatively unknown to the West, this Splatfest will likely stay Japan only. 
In addition to the Splatfest, Calbee will start selling specially marked bags of potato chips. Fans can even try their luck to win one of three shirts based on those that will appear in the game. Registration starts today, Friday, March 1, and the contest will run until Tuesday, July 16. 600 shirts will be available for winners, 200 for each color. The blue features lightly salted, orange sports consommé and the green has salted seaweed. This campaign will be offered in two waves, with the first ending on Thursday, May 9 and the second on Tuesday, July 16. On to of the purchase of the chips, you will need to download the Calbee Ruby Program app on your phone to compete registration. You can see the t-shirts below:
On top of the shirts and special packaging, a completely brand new flavor of chip is also being introduced. Dubbed the “Ikasumi iro no Consommé Punch,” or Squid Ink Colored Consommé Punch, these chips feature two different designs and are scheduled to go on sale on Monday, March 18. The taste remains the same as the regular Consommé Punch flavor that is currently on the market, the only difference here is the coloring. You can see some images of the chip packaging as well as alternate packaging featuring Splatoon 3 for the lightly salted, consommé punch, W (double) consommé punch and salted seaweed below. 
The last Splatfest took place in mid February with Japan getting its second exclusive fest. Based around Japanese sweets, Nintendo also teamed up with Japanese 7-Eleven convenience store locations for raffles and other goods. You can read more about that Splatfest here or be sure to check out one of the videos below. 

Sources: NCL, Calbee

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