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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Super Mario RPG Coming to Tetris 99 Nov. 10

The next Maximus Cup for Tetris 99 is just days away and is going to feature the next November title for Nintendo. Starting on Friday, November 10 at 4:00 p.m. (JST) and running until Tuesday, November 14 (3:59 p.m.), Tetris 99 players will have a chance to grab a special Super Mario RPG theme. 100 points are needed to be able to unlock the theme. Below, you can find a break down of the points system detailing how many points are received based on rank:
  • 1st Place: 100 Points
  • 2nd Place: 70 Points
  • 3rd Place: 50 Points
  • 4-10th Place: 40 Points
  • 11-30th Place: 30 Points
  • 31-50th Place: 20 Points
  • 51-90th Place: 10 Point
  • 91-99th Place: 1 Point
This is the fifth Maximus Cup of 2023 and the 36th overall. The last Cup took place in late September/early October and featured Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You can see a Japanese trailer for the Super Mario RPG theme in action below. The highly anticipated Super Mario RPG remake launches next week on Friday, November 17.
Source: NCL

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