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Thursday, January 13, 2022

My Nintendo Switch History 2021 Available Now in Japan

My Nintendo Switch History 2021, a summary of a Switch user’s most played titles of the year, is available now for gamers in Japan and can be accessed on smart devices or PC. The summary showcases your most played games of 2021, how many titles you played, how long you played them as well as a break down of what was played on a monthly basis. You are even able to select your own “game of the year” and see a breakdown of the genres you played most. Some convenient sharing options are also available to show friends on social media. You can see some screenshots below.

My Nintendo Switch History 2021 is available for My Nintendo account holders in Japan and is a little bit different from what other regions offered late last year. If you have a Japanese account that you actively use on your Switch, you can see your details here. The page will be open until Monday, March 14. Additionally, if you have a Japanese account, you can keep track of your playtime via the My Nintendo app, which can be downloaded from the Japanese App Store or Google Play.

Source: NCL

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