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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Super Nodage PARTY Sells over 50K, Update Coming Soon

Super Nodage PARTY, the brainchild of Japanese comedian Hikaru “Crystal” Noda, has sold over 50,000 units on the Japanese eShop in one week. The game released on April 29, 2021 and saw ample promotion on Japanese television, with Noda himself appearing on several programs showing off the game. Additionally, two new titles will be added to the package at a later date. The first one, titled Manzai Ō (or Manzai King) has you controlling a character on a stand-up stage while the second is titled Jimen Nya (Face Nya) is an adventure game that has players try to escape from their family home and a mysterious cat. You can see some screenshots of these two games below. There are currently 16 games included in the package. 

Super Nodage Party was number two on the weekly eShop rankings this past week (ending May 7), outselling the likes of Monster Hunter Rise and Among Us, which have sat atop the charts for weeks. The game sells for ¥1,000 and remains a Japan only release at this time. You can check out the game’s Japanese product page here. Be sure to check out our English Guide for the game if you don’t speak or read Japanese. 
Manzai Ō

Jimen Nya

Source: 4gamer

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