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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Ōkami Capcom Cafe Set to Open in Tokyo This June

The Capcom Cafe in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo will start an Ōkami themed collaboration from Friday, June 4 that will run until July 15. A variety of dishes, drinks as well as collectible merchandise will be available for customers to purchase. Those that order some of the special Ōkami themed food items on the menu will receive a Ōkami lunch mat and those that order drinks will receive one of ten special themed coasters. Ordering of ¥3,000 or more of food or drinks will net customers one of nine Ōkami themed postcards.
Lunch mat


Additionally, other merchandise will be for sale. Customers will be able to purchase the following:

Amaterasu Eye Mask | ¥1,980
Sticker Set (30 sheets) | ¥880
Paper Clips (set of three) | ¥1,000
Smart Phone Stand | ¥2,200
Acrylic Clock | ¥3,850
Hand Towel | ¥880
Keychains (set of three) | ¥880
Bath Salt | from ¥550
Badges (10 types) | ¥400 each
Pictures of the food, desserts and drinks are listed below:

Food Menu
Dessert Menu

Drinks (All ¥880)
The Capcom Cafe, with locations in Ikebukuro and in Koshigaya Lake Town Mall in Saitama Prefecture, have a variety of menu changes throughout the year. Themes based around Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and more have been previously used. 

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