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Friday, November 8, 2019


Danny, JC and the guys all get together to talk about the latest and greatest. The show kicks off with some extensive impressions of Luigi's Mansion 3, as Danny and JC talk about their experience with the series as a whole and what they think about the latest entry. Danny bounces a little bit early, but immediately afterward, the JC and Ty cover the latest Smash Bros. Direct featuring Terry! We've included this in the audio version of the show, but it honestly works out better in video form. If you want to hear the audio version, we stuck it at the end of the episode. Please understand.

After a little bit more New Business, the guys get into some of the latest news and then eventually make it to some feedback from you. Just an additional note here (and a little bit of inside baseball), too, this is the first episode that was edited using some new software to create an enhanced version of the podcast as an MP3. From here on out, there will no longer be an M4A file, just the MP3. Again, please understand.

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