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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Special Patreon Stream: Overcooked with Rich [March 2019]

Welcome to our very special Patreon stream for March 2019! This month our bestest buddy Rich Catalano met up with James in person at his house during a visit to Japan. This offered the unique opportunity to play games without online multiplayer, of which Rich chose the super fun Overcooked! Check out the video and see how good their cooking is!

<---- Check out our previous one from January 2019 [Arena of Valor]

Our first in-person stream!

Rich can make tomato soup like a pro both in-game and in real life 

All good chefs wave their hands around while cooking

James was especially good at pounding meat for some reason

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Wait, so how do I get to watch this video, it looks awesome!?

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