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Friday, June 1, 2018

June 2018 Podcast Schedule

The E3 2018 hype train has arrived at the station, but before we board it we plan on doing some 100% accurate predictions on The Famicast 127! After that, Danny has his first episode of Famicast Collectors Corner for Season 2, what crazy old Nintendo peripheral will he dig out of his closet this time? Episode 128 of the show will no doubt be an E3 reactions show, so don't miss it!
The final Patreon exclusive content of the month will be a Patron-requested stream of Splatoon 2, sign up for Tier 2 or above to watch it, or Tier 3 to potentially be ON it with us!
As for other (free) written and video stuff, look out for reviews of Pixel Junk Monsters 2, Fox N' Forests, and much more!
Another month of glorious fun-filled Nintendo content fresh from Japan, all ready to be delivered to you our wonderful listeners/viewers!

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