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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Are you ready for BitSummit Vol. 6?

Kyoto's indie game festival returns for the sixth time, bigger, and better than ever!

Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful Patrons, Danny and James will be attending BitSummit this year! Thank you so much! The show, which takes place from May 12-13, will have around 100 titles shown off by indie developers from Japan and overseas. Of course, Nintendo Switch games will be at the show in full force, and the Famicrew will be there to cover all that the show has to offer! Here are all of the games that you can look forward to hearing about from The Famicast at the show.

She Remembered Caterpillars
Developer: jumpsuit entertainment UG (Twitter
Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Mighty Moth Games (Official Website for Game, Twitter)
Genre: Action-Adventure, RPG, Simulation

Away: Journey to the Unexpected
Developer: Aurelien Regard (Official Website for Game, Twitter)
Genre: Action-Adventure, Shooter

Cosmos Defenders
Developer: Fiery Squirrel (Official Website for Game, Twitter)
Genre: Action Adventure, Shooter, Strategy (also includes local multiplayer)

Juicy Realm
Developer: SpaceCan (Twitter)
Genre: Action-Adventure, Roguelike, Shooter

Light Fall
Developer: Bishop Games (Official Website for Game, Twitter)
Genre: Action-Adventure, Platformer

Muse Dash
Developer: PeroPeroGames (Official Website, Twitter)
Genre: Endless Runner, Point and Click, Rhythm

Developer: Nyamakop (Official Website, Twitter)
Genre: Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle

Tale of Ronin
Developer: Dead Mage (Official Website, Twitter)
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy

World For Two
Developer: Seventh Rank (Official YouTube)
Genre: Adventure

Developer: Fabraz (Official Website, Twitter)
Genre: Action Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle

ghostpia for Nintendo Switch (Temporary Title)
Developer: Chosuido (Official Website, Twitter)
Genre: Adventure, Other

Psyvariar Delta
Developer: City Connection (Twitter)
Genre: Shooter

Developer: Game or Die
Genre: Action-Adventure, Platformer, Roguelike

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