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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Famicast Game of the Year: Group 1

Commute Game of the Year

It might seem odd that two of the biggest and most epic games Nintendo have possibly ever released are considering "commute games," but that's the genius of the Switch! Whether it's knocking out a few shrines in Zelda, or grabbing a couple of moons in Mario, you can't ask for better.

Git Gud Game of the Year

There were a bunch of "hard" games released in 2017, but how many actually made you want to up your game and git gud? We decided that Shovel Knight was the best in this regard. Just hard enough to make you swear, but fair enough to make you want to trek on. A special mention also has to go to Breath of the Wild, the hardest Zelda game to date which made you rethink how to play these types of games.

Disappointment of the Year

A rather harsh award to give a game for sure, but this encompasses the feeling of high anticipation for a game that ultimately disappoints you, and unfortunately Morphite was that. Most of the Famicrew were hype for what looked like a stylish indie 3D Metroid game, but alas it was not meant to be. The runner up booby prize goes to multiplayer progression systems, i.e. ones which rely on unlocks (paid or otherwise) and ultimately result in an unbalanced experience when playing online.

Surprisingly Good Game of the Year

In direct opposition to the above category, this game went from zero to hero, games that weren't on anyone's radar (at least for good reasons) yet turned out to be pretty damn good. Mantis Burn Racing pretty much encapsulates that. Terrible name, bad box art, little to no fanfare - yet would you know it, it's pretty darn good! The runner up is a low-key game called Ironcast that Sairus reviewed. He expected the worst yet it turned out to be one of his games of 2017!

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