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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Famicast Game of the Year Awards - Winners!

Welcome to The Famicast Game of the Year Awards, better known as The Fammies!
A couple of weeks ago, we posted our nominees for the awards listed below. We also asked our listeners and readers to nominate their own games. That list was then used during our epic three-hour awards show (Famicast 116) where we hashed out all the winners and runner ups! We have divided the sixteen awards into four groups for your viewing pleasure. If you have any additions, be sure to leave us a comment here on the site, or contact us in all the usual ways (see the bottom of this page). 2017 was a heck of a year for games, so a big congratulations is in order for all the winners!

<< Group 1 >>
  • Commute Game of the Year
  • Git Gud Game of the Year
  • Disappointment of the Year
  • Surprisingly Good Game of the Year
<< Group 2 >>
  • Tokyo Games Show Hype of the Year
  • Need to Play More Next Year….of the Year
  • Complete Garbage of the Year
  • This Really Should Be on Switch of the Year
<< Group 3 >>
  • Feature Still Missing From the Switch of the Year
  • Indie Game of the Year
  • Danny Bivens Presents: Looks Good on a Shelf of the Year
  • JC Presents: #hypertrollGET of the Year
<< Group 4 >>
  • Personal top five - Danny
  • Personal top five - James
  • Personal top five - Sairus
  • Personal top five - Ty

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1 comment:

Famicomplicated said...

I love how 3 out of 4 of us have the same GotY.
[No prizes for guessing who's the odd man out!]