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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 2017 Podcast Schedule

Welcome to August!
Despite Danny and Sairus going on extended vacations this month, the Famicast continues on with four exciting podcasts for you to enjoy!
Episode 107 of the Famicast will have some special guests to fill the empty chairs, but by the time 108 rolls around in week 3 we should be back to the regular crew.

Now onto Patreon bonus shows, are you excite?

In week 2 we will have Champion Edition 2: Hyper Fighting DX Ultra. Do you like the fighty fighty games? Please to enjoy the expertise and scrub-bashing that will surely go down with Ty and his special guests!
In week 4 we have a brand new show for you, Super Splat Hour! Long term Famicast fans will remember this as a long-running segment on the show where in which James gave Splatoon related news, tips, and advice. Now in full-length form, there will be no restrictions on how much fawning over Marina, James and Sairus can fit in an episode.

Interested in the shows in weeks 2 and 4? Head on over to Patreon and sign up for Tier 3 or above and you'll get your exclusive RSS feed of these and all previous shows - immediately!

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