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Monday, May 8, 2017

Famicast Sound Test: Episode 001 - Mario & DK

Let JC be your DJ as he takes you on a musical journey through time, using wonderful Mario and Donkey Kong music as his vehicle of audio amusement!

Hey I want more of these kind of shows!

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Russ Greeno said...

Hey up! Just finished listening to Episode 001 and thought I should stop by to say I thought it was pretty cool. It's the kind of thing I've wanted to do, but never have. If I can spare some change to hear more, I'll try. Unfortunately, on a bit of a dry spell at the moment. The last games I bought were either using free Google Play credit, or a freaky deal on last year's Assassin's Creed game for 89p. I've never liked any of the others, but it was cheap right?

Chrys said...

That was a great cast James! Really enjoyed the format and your quick analysis of each tune. The SM3DW music really makes that game, i could liten to it for an eternity.. Has that soundtrack ever been officially released?

Keep up all the great new content famicrew looking forward to more!

Famicomplicated said...

Russ: Thanks for the comment man, appreciate you even considering supporting us. Don't worry, the Famicast will always be free, so just enjoy that and chip in when/if you can!

Chrys: Cheers! My goal was not to tax your brains too much, more of something to chill out to or listen to on the way to work/school. The 3D World soundtrack was a Club Nintendo prize over here (RIP in peace) so it's probably $1000 on ebay now...