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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Kirby, Baseball and More Hit NSO Classic Systems June 6

Nintendo has shadow dropped four classic titles today, June 6, for Nintendo Switch Online members. The following games will be added to the service in Japan:
  • Super Ultra Baseball (Super Baseball Simulator 1.000) | Super Famicom
  • Babel no Tō (The Tower of Babel / Mystery Tower) | Famicom
  • Koro Koro Kirby (Kirby’s Tilt ’n Tumble | Game Boy Color
  • Meta Fight EX (Blaster Master: Enemy Below) | Game Boy Color
While all of these titles are new to the service in Japan, Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 was released in the West in May 2021. The Tower of Babel is also arriving in the West with a new localization and releasing as Mystery Tower. Although the game also saw a release on the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan in 2014, this marks the first time the Famicom version of the game has seen life outside of Japan. Kirby’s Tilt ’n Tumble also supports gyro movement to match the tilt controls found in the original game. Western NSO members have access to all of these games plus the SNES version of Harvest Moon which released in Japan in late March 2022

The last update the Famicom, Super Famicom and Game Boy came back in mid-March

Source: NCL

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