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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Snipperclips Next Game Trial for Japan

The 2017 Nintendo published puzzle game, Snipperclips, is the will be the next Game Trial title for Nintendo Switch Online members in Japan. The game will be completely free to play from Friday, January 13 (12:00 p.m. JT) until Thursday, January 19 (5:59 p.m.). The original Snipperclips, Snipperclips Plus and the DLC (included in the Plus version) will also be on 30% off on the eShop from January 13 to January 26. You can see the sale prices below. 

Title | Original Price | Sale Price
  • Snipperclips Plus | ¥3,056 | ¥2,138
  • Snipperclips | ¥1,834 | ¥1,283
  • *Snipperclips DLC | ¥1,222 | ¥855
*Original version of Snipperclips required

This marks the first Game Trial of 2023 and the 34th since the service started. The last Game Trial in Japan was for Coffee Talk back in November. If you are interested in checking out Snipperclips for free, be sure to check out our “how to” guide here or feel free to check out the video below. 
Source: NCL

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