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Monday, October 24, 2022

Autumn Pikmin Campaign Kicking Off November 1

Pikmin fans in Japan are in for a treat. A special campaign full of goods and food items is hitting Lawson convenience stores across Japan starting in early November. Here are the campaigns goodies that are hitting the shop.

Pikmin Apple Mixed Smoothie 
Made with apples that some very kind Pikmin lugged to in to the Lawson sweets factory, this special sweet and sour apple smoothie will hit Lawson for a limited time starting on November 1.
Mini Clear Folders
Five Pikmin themed mini folders are coming on November 1 and will remain available until November 14 or while supplies last. To get one, you will have to purchase three snacks from the list below. Each store will only receive 20 folders total. The folders are A5 size or around 155 x 220 mm.
Ichiban-Kuji Lottery
A special lottery for a variety of Pikmin related goods will run at Lawson stores across the country (and Nintendo TOKYO) starting Tuesday, November 1. Each ticket runs ¥680 and will grant one pull for a random prize. There are seven tiers of prizes (A through G) as well as a “Last Draw Prize.” The following will be available:

A - Bug Kingdom Cushion with Red Pikmin
B - Working Pikmin Blanket
C- Working Pikmin Eco Bag
D - Pikmin Relief Glass
E - Pikmin & Fruit Small Plate
F - Pikmin Rubber Item Collection
Coasters, charms, cable clips, hair clips, smart phone grips
G - Pikmin Hand Towel
Last Draw Prize - Yellow Cushion with Yellow Pikmin
Pikmin Dolls and Tote Bag
Some stuffed Pikmin dolls (that double as mini pouches from maker Takarajimasha) and a Pikmin themed tote bag are going to be available starting on November 9. The Tote bag features three pockets to fit all three of the Pikmin dolls. The dolls are ¥2,629 each while the tote bag is ¥2,959. You can order these from My Nintendo Japan, the Nintendo TOKYO store or Lawson online (here). 
Pikmin Bloom One Year Anniversary Items
Celebrating the one year anniversary of Pikmin Bloom, a stainless steel water bottle (300 ml) and a multi-purpose pouch via HMV Books and Loppi. The water bottle will run ¥3,300 while the pouch will go for ¥1,980. These will be available to order starting on November 1 until November 30 and will begin shipping on February 17, 2023. If you’re in Japan, you can oder the items here
Lawson Check In
Even if you don’t have money to drop on any of the goods or food, My Nintendo members in Japan can get a special mobile wallpaper by using the check-in feature on the My Nintendo app. Once checked in, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download a special Pikmin themed wallpaper. The GPS Check-in will be available starting on Tuesday, November 1 until Monday, November 14

Source: NCL

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