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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Tokyo Game Show 2022 | Thoughts On the Show | Famichatting

It’s been a hot minute, but the Tokyo Game Show is BACK as an in person event for 2022 and we were there and lived to talk about it. There were tons of games, lots of walking, sweaty nerds and good times. Below, we talk about some of our highlights from the first few days that we attended the show. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2022 | Day One Thoughts

Met up with Genki and Ty before the show officially started, good vibes! First time meeting Genki IRL too. I spent most of the first day taking videos of all the booths and playing what I could, nothing big just anything with no line basically. The biggest games were probably Dragonball: The Breakers, Super Bomberman R 2, It Takes Two, and SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. I also played a bunch of smaller games that I’ll talk about individually in a separate article. Got some cool swag; a Bomberman tote bag, and a Mega Man calendar. Maybe I’ll give them away on the podcast if someone wants them!

I'm here for two things: Street Fighter 6 and merch. I got to SF6 first and got to play without any wait time. They give you a big handful of stickers if you tweet about it, so that's a nice bonus! I had time so I also played Dragonball Breakers. It initially seems a little more complicated to get into than DBD, so it's hard to get a solid impression from one match. Since I had some spare time, I went over to the indies area and tried a few games. The most interesting was Outcore, which is an odd little game that you play through your Windows desktop.
Last, I bought some official TGS shirts. They look pretty good!

Day one was cool! It was my first TGS ever and first time meeting James and Ty in person.  It took me a while to get used to the Floor map and where each booth was! I got lost at the start because the place was so big! After a bit of wandering around I jumped on a few games! I played 6 in total on Day 1! Forspoken, Street Fighter 6, Crisis Core (Switch), Star Ocean, Sonic Frontiers (PC) and Wo Long (Xbox). I started with Forspoken. I was looking forward to it like crazy but in the end I did not really enjoy playing the game in the end. The controls were very fiddly and the world was empty and boring. As much as I tried to love it I couldn’t. Crisis Core on the other hand felt amazing! I love the FF7 games so it felt perfect! The Switch version ran very well even though the cutscenes looked not as clean as the PS5 version. All the other games were fun too and it was a great day.

Friday, September 16, 2022 | Day Two Thoughts

My first day back to TGS in four years was pretty fun but consisted of a lot of standing around waiting in lines for some of the more high profile games. Before getting to the games, though, I made it a point to rush to the merch section so I could nab a copy of the Live A Live soundtrack signed by Yoko Shimomura. Since I was one of the first people in line that morning, I was successful in my nerdy endeavor. 
After that, I made my way from the merch into the neighboring hall only to come face to face with a wrestling ring that was located in the THQ Nordic booth. A build of AEW: Fight Forever running on PC was on hand here. Being somewhat of a spiritual successor to the THQ/AKI wrestling games on the N64, I HAD to give it a shot. For more detailed thoughts on this, you can read my impressions here, but I wasn’t disappointed. I even got to get inside of the wrestling ring that they had there (with actual matches throughout the day!) and made an idiot of myself. Good times. 
After that, I made my way deeper into the halls, I queued up for both Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion and then later Sonic Frontiers. As with Fight Forever, I wrote some more extensive impressions on both games which you can find below this:
After all of that, it was time to meet up with the crew and Genki in person! It was the first time that we’ve been together since…shoot, maybe 2018. And it was the first time I’ve had the chance to meet Genki. Although I just went to the show for one day, I had a blast playing games and meeting up with the guys and got some cool swag (a nice Sonic Frontiers bag and a Persona bag from Genki). Aside from the general exhaustion of being at the show and working on content afterward, I’m looking forward to the next in person event that we can all attend together.

Met up with the whole Famicrew for the first time in a while! I’ve seen the guys separately but this is the first time we’ve all been at the same place since TGS 2018! Made a beeline for the Resident Evil booth, got there at 10:04 but all the tickets were out for the day! Luckily Genki got there three minutes before me so he got to play. Biggest games of the day were LEGO Brawls, Wanted Dead (spiritual sequel to Devil’s Third), and Stray. The last game was actually the PS5 game being streamed to the Switch, I’ll talk about that more in my more detailed impressions. Got to play the Steam Deck which was cool, and met up with friend-of-the-show Push Dustin to play his VR game called Ruins Magus. Wrapped up the day with some more tour videos and a roundtable with the whole team, all of which you can find on the YouTube channel of course! Great day, but so tired!

Day 2 was a blast. I knew where to go and what to do. I headed straight to play RE village on PSVR2. It was really fun but it does make you dizzy. Then I played One Piece Odyssey and it was a very competent JRPG with very stylish menu presentations. I loved Crisis core so much I went to play it again and luckily got the PS5 version this time. It plays great just like the Switch version, this time the cutscenes look super clean. After I got to meet Danny for the first time which was super awesome! And filmed a cool video with James. It was a super fun day and I was very knackered when it was done.

I basically just played SF6 a bunch more, and bought even more ridiculous merch. I should probably throw up some pics on Twitter.

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