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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Splatoon 3 x Baskin Robbins Campaign Starts Sep. 1

Splatoon is about to get cool and tasty. A special collaboration featuring Splatoon 3 inspired flavors of ice cream will be available at Baskin Robbins locations throughout Japan. The campaign will start on Thursday, September 1 and run until Thursday, September 29. The following flavors and items will be available: 

Ikasu (Cool) Soda and Grape Cone
Featuring the yellow and blue from Splatoon 3, this cone includes a blue grape flavor and yellow soda sherbet. The ice cream is accented with the inclusion of a pineapple syrup and chocolate puffs inside. 
The word “ikasu” is kind of a play on words. It was often used in the 1980s or so and meant “cool.” In this case, Nintendo is leaning in on the use of “ika,” or squid as they have in the past. For example, videos showcasing Splatoon often include, “IKAga desu ka?” or “How was that?"

Splatoon 3 Double (Scoop) Cups
Special Splatoon 3 themed cups will be available for those that order double scoops of any of the ice cream on the menu. These cups will be limited to the first 310,000 customers across Japan. 
Nice Jelly Soda
This new kind of drink comes with a special packet containing grape and lemon sauce that goes on top of the ice cream. The cup also features Splatoon 3 artwork. 
Variety Box - Scorch Gorge
This special variety box comes with eight flavors of your choosing and features a special box based on the Splatoon 3 stage, Scorch Gorge. The idea here is that customers can lines up their ice cream in 4v4 “battles.”
Splatoon 3 Ice Cream Cake
This special cake can be decorated and assembles with a variety of flavors and decorations. After choosing your base cake, you can choose up to six small scoop flavors and add ink-like milk over the top and decorate with special cookies. 
My Nintendo Check-In Present
My Nintendo members in Japan can check in at Baskin Robbins locations across the country and receive a special Splatoon 3 x Baskin Robbins sticker. These are only available to those that purchase Splatoon 3 collaborative items during the campaign period. 
Be sure to check out the trailer for the new flavors and products from Baskin Robbins Japan below. 

Source: NCL, 31 Ice Japan

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