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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Wide Care for Nintendo Switch Explained

Starting on July 1, 2022, Nintendo has opened up a care program for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. Called “Wide Care for Nintendo Switch,” this service provides coverage and service options for Nintendo Switch systems for an additional cost. The current plans are available:
  • Monthly Plan - ¥200 per month
  • Yearly Plan - ¥2,000 per year
Those that sign up for Wide Care before the initial one year warranty period of their device can choose either the monthly or yearly plan. However, if outside of the warranty, the yearly option is the only one  available. Up to six repairs valued at up to ¥100,000 will be covered per year. Two of the six repairs may include a complete replacement of the main unit during the time period. Shipping is also covered within the maximum amount (¥100,000). Coverage is good for water damage, drops or general wear and tear. Of course, the Switch console itself is covered here as well as the included accessories. Joy Con, Nintendo Switch Dock and AC Adapter are also covered. 
As of right now, Wide Care is only available for users in Japan. There has been no word if this extended warranty plan will be put into place in the West. 

Source: NCL

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