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Friday, April 8, 2022

Boss Rush Mode Added to Metroid Dread

The second free update for Metroid Dread is now available. This brings a Boss Rush Mode that allows players to test their skills against the 12 big bads found throughout the experience. The mode is divided into three parts - Boss Rush, Survival Rush and Dread Rush. Here’s what each one offers:
  • Boss Rush - Take on the bosses with an aim to take them out as quickly as possible. Damage carries forward and deaths/retries are tallied against your final score. 
  • Survival Rush - You have five minutes to defeat as many bosses as you can. You get an additional 30 seconds for each boss you take out and can get another additional 30 seconds if you don’t take any damage. You must clear either Boss Rush or Dread Rush to unlock this mode. 
  • Dread Rush - The same idea as Boss Rush, but in Dread Mode. You must clear the campaign in Dread Mode to unlock. 
Metroid Dread released last October to glowing reviews from critics and game fans alike. For more on Metroid Dread, check out our look at the special edition in the video below. 

Source: NCL

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