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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Mario Kart Tour Vs Sonic Racing | Review | Mobile

So you're wondering which is the best kart racer on smartphone, Mario or Sonic? Weird question, but OK. First check out these videos:

Exhibit A: Mario Kart Tour

Exhibit B: Sonic Racing

As you can see both games are quite bad when compared to console versions, so if you had to choose one which should you go for?

Well Sonic is only "free" if you're subscribed to Apple Arcade which is $5 a month but you also get 100+ games including many which are on console and will work with your Xbone/PS4 controllers synced to your phone, so if you have a way of displaying your phone a TV that's a pretty good deal. Mario Kart Tour on the other hand has an optional $5 a month subscription which gets you better rewards for races....and that's it.

Mario looks much more vibrant and has good looking well designed courses, but it's only playable in vertical mode. Sonic looks like generic rubbish, but has way more control and display options, including horizontal and vertical options.

Both are not good, and you really should just play the console versions if you can, but if you insist on playing these games for free....I dunno. Sonic has better steering but it's Sonic. Mario controls like crap, but has better tracks and characters. Coin flip?

Stop trying to play console games on your phone already.

Damn kids and their phone games

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