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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Famicast Friday #042 [December 21st, 2018]


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Welcome to Famicast Friday No.042! This is the day of the week where you can check out all of the latest reviews, streams and podcasts that we’ve been working on tirelessly throughout the week. Be sure to check in every Friday either on the website or by subscribing to our awesome YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with all of our content. Patrons get stuff during the week, too! It's like a delicious packet of treats delivered to you just in time for the weekend, please to enjoy!

Smash Ultimate - Series Videos [3]
James - So much Fire Emblem. Not enough snakes. 

Famicom Controllers for Nintendo Switch [1]
Danny - In case you missed it, I put together a nifty video all about the Famicom controllers for Switch. You're welcome.  

Podcast [1]
Danny - It's the Fammies, baby! 
Check back on Friday, December 28th for the next batch of awesome!

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