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Friday, May 25, 2018

The Famicast at BitSummit Volume 6 [Hub Page]

BitSummit Vol. 6 (2018) Hub Page

Intro Video

[1.] Check out our photo gallery right here.

[1.] Are you ready for BitSummit Volume 6?
[2.] Dylan Cuthbert Interview - Transcript
[3.] Suda 51 Interview - Transcript
[4.] Koji Igarashi Interview - Transcript
[5.] Hideki Kamiya Interview - Transcript

Direct-feed Gameplay[15 Videos!]
Bloodstained, The TakeOver, Pocket Rumble, and more!

Indie Developer Interviews [5 Videos!]
Semblence, Sinner Sacrifice, Kero Blaster and more!

Celebrity Developer Interviews [4 Videos]
Watch Dylan Cuthbert, Kamiya, Igarashi, and Suda 51 chat with us!

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