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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Review: Twin Robots Ultimate Edition (Switch)

by Jon Cousins

The Crate Escape

Twin robots comes to the Nintendo Switch as an 'ultimate' edition, boasting a wealth of inclusions and improvements over the Ouya (and subsequently steam, Wii U and mobile) original from 2013. Shockingly, the game is centred around two cute little robots called Watt and Volt, and they have been abandoned in an old electronics factory to rust on the scrap heap.

It's not long before you'll be busting each other out of chambers, jumping, sliding, and flying through the games 40 (up from 28) levels. In order to progress, you'll have to find a big red button in order to unlock a door to release your buddy before he gets crushed, and then traverse moving platforms and avoid danger to reach the exit.

Then, you'll proceed to collect batteries and walk over tiles to regenerate your increasingly vital energy meter. Later on, managing energy between the two robots becomes an increasingly strategic factor, and the puzzles, while sometimes frustrating trial and error, add an extra layer to the functional yet derivative platforming.

Hazards such as spikes, rams and lasers require little more than good timing, but pulling blocks to solve puzzles and managing your jumping ability certainly increase the difficulty after the first (pretty basic) ten or so levels.

While in single player, a quick tap of 'Y' will allow you to switch between the two robots, of course the console supports local co-op and the graphical upgrades are a welcome addition, with tweaks made to the lighting, resolution, and soundtrack.

Twin Robots Ultimate edition has some neat cooperative ideas and the characters have a bit of charm but overall the game has very little personality or outstanding features. The presentational upgrades and added content go some way to make it worth checking out, especially considering its price tag.

There isn't anything new or particularly ambitious, but it's a pleasant enough experience.

Final Score: 6.5

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