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Monday, January 1, 2018

January 2018 Podcast Schedule

Welcome to 2018! A very happy new year to all our readers and listeners out there!
For our first month back we have four exciting shows for you (as always), the first of which is our first regular Famicast show. Episode 117 will be going live a bit later than usual because, hey, we all gotta have a vacation right?! We will be discussing all the game of the year bits we missed in our epic Fammies episode at the end of last year, that includes your suggestions too!

Our first Patreon episode of the year (which you can gain access to for just $3 by the way!) will be Famicast Screen Time, which will have a lengthy discussion/argument about The Last Jedi, plus our top movies of 2017 - it's like a Fammies for films!

Episode 118 of the show in week 3 will be featuring a special guest, we'll keep our cards close to our chest for now, but they have been on in the past and should be well known to fans of Nintendo Directs...

Our final Patreon show of the month will be a very special episode of Famicast Champion Edition. Why special? Well did you know EVO was happening in Japan this very month? Fighting game fans get hype, it's going to be hot! The whole Famicrew are hoping to go to the event, so even if you're not a Patron yet, stay tuned for good stuff on the site!

Elsewhere on the site we will be having plenty more reviews, features, and other exciting things going on - please to excite!

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