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Saturday, December 2, 2017

CEDEC Talks Translated: The Making of Breath of the Wild

Big thanks to Famicast alumni, master of translation, and all round good guy, Matt Walker who used his crazy language skills to translate the Breath of the Wild CEDEC talk into English for the world to see. Previously only available in tweet form, check out all five parts of the fascinating talk below:

Part 1: Managing Tasks and World Design
Ingenious ways how the Breath of the Wild team designed the world and reported bugs.

Part 2: Immersive, Impressionable UI
Secrets behind designing the user interface, fonts, and overall screen layout.

Part 3: Sound Design in a Massive, Breathing World
The hows and whys of the new sound direction taken in BotW.

Part 4:  Seamless from Prototype to Final Product!
How workflow was managed on such a massive game involving so many people.

Part 5: The Art and Implementation of 3D Graphics.
The discussions behind the art style, realistic versus cartoony.

For those that are new to the Famicast or otherwise don't know, Matt was one of the founding fathers of the Famicast and featured on our very first episode back in March 2011. Big thanks again to him for his exhaustive effort in translating this awesome talk on Breath of the Wild!
Matt (center) and JC (right) meeting a Famicast fan 

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