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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Famicast 108 - TROLLS R US

The crew is back in full force for this late summer episode of The Famicast! The guys are also joined by special Patreon Patron guest, Joel! Join us as we discuss James' Switch GET story, Splatoon 2, Zelda, Arms, Troll and I, Ironcast, Dragon Quest XI, indie games, and a special feature about comic book/super hero games plus a whole lot more!

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markie j said...

Love you guys since ep1 on rfn feed. What happened to the Japanese dude? Can't afford to be a patrion �� Would life in Japan be added to regular feed? Later than subs? I really enjoyed that segment.

All my love,
Mark J (mr lakitu)

The Famicast said...

Dear Mark,
As we've mentioned on the show, any Life in Japan questions will be answered on the regular (free) show! The new Life in Japan spin-off show is a feature length podcast which dedicates an entire hour to one or two big topics, something we could never do on the regular show!

As for Minoru, he had to leave the show due to a new job in new town! He's super busy and we miss him a lot of course!

Thanks for listening for such a long time!