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Friday, June 23, 2017

Famicast Life in Japan: Episode 001 - Getting Work & Dating in Japan

JC is joined by his special guests, J-Dubz (from the ALT Insider Podcast), and Reggie (Podcast first-timer), to discuss how to get a job and a date in Japan!

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Chrys said...

Really great music choices for this episode JC! The discussion on work was enlightening, I had a wholly different understanding of how that operates and the credentials needed to get in. To expand on the work topic, do you know much about the tourism trade? I have an American friend who runs a travel biz that operates primarily in southeast Asia, seems common. I don't know if that extends into Japanese culture tho.

Glad to hear Japanese women aren't just throwing themselves at every westerner that walks down the street. That sounds frightening but i think now my wife is more comfortable with visiting lol.

Famicomplicated said...

Cheers Chrys!
As for your friend, do you mean like a tour guide, or as a travel agent who sells packages?
Bother are popular here in Japan for sure, although if he wants to do that here he'd have to focus on the (rather small) foreign population unless s/he speaks fluent Japanese!

Tell your wife she has nothing to fear about coming to Japan. Except for Godzilla.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for answering my email, answered a lot of questions! Cheers to Danny for replying to me by email as well.

A couple of weeks ago I got a job offer in Russia which was too good to turn down, so visa application permitting it looks like I'm going to take that. Having already worked there for a few years and having a decent amount of contacts, I decided against starting from scratch in Japan. Due to the fact that most English teaching is done exclusively from September to May in Russia though, it means I'll have a whole Summer to plan a trip to Japan, and in 2018 I'll definitely be looking at spending a month there, living rent free with Danny of course.

Thanks again for all the info, if things go south or I get fed up of Russia I'd definitely make the jump and try to go for a Uni job in JP, though I dunno how interested they'd be considering my Master's is in Soviet History, probably not massively relevant.


Famicomplicated said...

Thanks for the update Nick!
FYI: Japanese school terms start in April, so you do sometimes get desperate last minute offers between Dec-Feb for all kinds of teaching jobs!
If/when you do make it to Japan, let us know! Danny needs some time to prepare for your welcoming party!