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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Famicast History Lesson: The Artwork

Version 1: Famicom inspired, by James.
This version ran for a good while in the early days, nothing too fancy!

Version 2: Street Fighter 2 inspired, by Tony Losoya.
A listener of the show helped create this masterpiece with all the regular crew. Danny as Guile, Ty as Ryu, Minoru as E.Honda, and James as M.Bison. Note: James was in the shadows as he'd temporarily left the show to study for his MA.

Version 3: Update of Ver 2.
Tony updated the artwork for us so it now included Famicast alumni Matt Walker as a male Cammy, added a new Tokyo background and also brought James out the dark to mark his return to the show.

Version 4: Our latest version, inspired by the Super Famicom box, by our very own Sairus!
This will be our new art going forward, you will also see some variants, so be on the look out for them.

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