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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Hulu Arrives on Switch in Japan

Hulu is now available on the Nintendo Switch in Japan. The video streaming app has been available on the system in North America since November 2017. Video streaming services took quite a while to catch on in Japan when compared to the West. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video didn’t see a launch until 2015 amidst a handful of other, smaller Japan only services. Hulu was one of the rare exceptions as it opened up shop in Japan in 2011. It arrived on the Wii U just as it launched in December 2012 and later made it to the Nintendo 3DS in the summer of 2013

Hulu Japan currently costs ¥1,026 per month and offers Western and Japanese TV shows, movies, live TV, sports (MLB, NPB), news (CNN, BBC) and more. Hulu Japan is only available within Japan due to licensing streaming rights restrictions. Similarly, Hulu (US) can only be used within the US domestically. If you’re interested in other Japan only video streaming services, check out our English Guide for Abema TV here

Source: NCL

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