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Monday, October 19, 2020

Famicast Presents: The Summer of Streams! [2020 Edition]

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17. Sept 17th - Reed Remastered and Reed 2 (eShop Link 1 and eShop Link 2 )
Strong visual design reminds me of Bomb Chicken. Gameplay wise it's a cute little platformer where you collect cubes to advance through to the next stage. Simple but actually quite well done! Both games play and look almost exactly the same, the only difference is that the sequel starts off a little harder so start with the first one.
Final Score: 5/10 (each)

16. Sept 16th - Knightin'+ (eShop Link)
A pretty cute little Zelda wannabe game with nice sword mechanics and puzzles. Visuals and sound put it at the top of this pile. Good effort!
Final Score: 5/10

15. Sept 15th - Tamiku (eShop Link)
Imagine making an NES black box game in 2020? This guy did and it's not very good. It's basically a one screen puzzle game where you collect things. Plays like Pac-Man but looks like Wrecking Crew and Bomberman. Hard Pass. 
Final Score: 0/10

14. Sept 14th - Golf Zero (eShop Link)
Meat Boy + My Friend Pedro + Golf! Amazingly it's actually as fun as that sounds! You jump around, then in slow motion you putt golf balls into the holes. Optional balloon-popping for the completionist in you. Not sure if it'd still be fun after 80 levels, but it stands out in this pile of garbage. 
Final Score: 5/10

13. Sept 11th - Random Heroes (eShop Link)
The weird thing about this platform shooter is that initially the enemies are massive bullet sponges. Slow upgrade path makes is more annoying than it should be. Visuals look a bit like Mutant Mudds I guess.
Final Score: 3/10

12. Sept 10th - Thunder Paw (eShop Link)
Platform shooter where you play as a dog, pretty nice art and cute main character, annoying recoil makes it a bit finicky though. Not too bad, but not exactly good either.
Final Score: 4/10

11. Sept 9th - Thy Sword (eShop Link)
Single screen hack-and-slash platformer. Looks like Tiny Barbarian but done on a small budget. It's not too bad, has a cute look and lets you play 21s between stages.
Final Score: 4/10

10. Sept 8th - Rush Rover (eShop Link)
Twin stick shooter where you play as a robot dog and upgrade yourself as you go. The twist? It's a roguelike so if you die you lose everything and start again. Good times.
Final Score: 1/10

09. Sept 7th - RogueCube (eShop Link)
Looks and plays like a first year university student project. You're a cube that shoots things, with bad shooting controls. Has multiplayer if you hate your friends.
Final Score: 0/10

08. Sept 6th - Distraint 2 (eShop Link)
A serious, dark horror adventure, but all the characters are little bobble headed dudes. It has character and atmosphere. OK if you like "combine steak knife with washing machine" type games.
Final Score: 5/10

07. Sept 5th - Clash Force (eShop Link)
Take the backgrounds and enemies from MegaMan, the characters of Battletoads, and the shooting/upgrading system from R-Type and this is what you get! It's OK.
Final Score: 4/10

06. Sept 4th - Castle Pals (eShop Link)
Simple platformer with a young boy and girl combo. Both control uniquely, but the platforming is just annoying.
Final Score: 2/10

05. Sept 3rd - Ultra Hat Dimension (eShop Link)
Puzzle game with cute girl in cute hats. Shame it has the worst sound effects in the world.
Final Score: 1/10

04. Sept 2nd - Prehistoric Dude (eShop Link)
A mini Metroidvania game set during Stone Age! Garbage.
Final Score: 1/10

03. Sept 1st - Even the Ocean (eShop Link)
Narrative driven platformer, but completely customisable to be all action or all story. Good concept, but neither the action nor story are good enough really.
Final Score: 5/10

02. Aug 31st - Inertial Drift (eShop Link)
Cell-shaded racer that could easily be a Tokyo Drift tie-in! Decent fun but the controls are weird and the story parts are a bit long-winded.
Final Score 6.5/10

01. Aug 30th - A Short Hike (eShop Link)
Animal Crossing meets Breath of the Wild! Very relaxing and enjoyable, but zero stakes.
Final Score: 7/10

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