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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Review: Gato Roboto (Switch)

by James Charlton


This is quite an easy review to write because I know exactly the kind of people who will like it, so let me start with a few questions. 1) Do you like Metroid games? 2) Do you like challenging boss fights? and most importantly 3) Do you like cats? If you said "yes" to all three, just stop reading now and buy the game. Thanks for stopping by.

OK, so you're still reading, I guess you don't like Metroid games that involve tons of backtracking or something? Fine. I'll tell you more about the game.

You start the game as a cat tasked with helping her owner out who has been trapped in his crashed spaceship. You quickly find a mechanical suit that basically lets the kitty become Samus Aran; lasers, missiles, spin jumps, and more. This is all wrapped up a beautifully realised monochromatic world, with wonderful animation and haunting chiptune music.

The game is structured around visiting three areas to activate / turn on / turn off various machines to allow the cat and her owner to escape. What it boils down to though is solving puzzles, shooting enemies, finding secret power-ups, and beating bosses.

If you've played any Metroid game, it'll feel very familiar (in a good way) just like Axiom Verge did. Similarly to Axiom, you can detach yourself from the suit at any time and wander around as the kitty, exploring narrow tunnels and finding secrets. The downside is you die with one hit.

Level traversal is pretty easy-going though, and feels almost exactly like Super Metroid for the most part. The hardest part of the game is near the end when you're playing as just the kitty outside the suit, at one point requiring you to do a lot of tricky jumps without making a mistake. It's no big deal though as the save points are quite frequent and always come after a hard section.

The other major challenge somes from the awesome boss fights. There are quite a few considering the whole game can be completed in less than five hours, but they're all great and test all your shooting and platforming skills. I'd describe them like a Mega Man boss fight, they challenge you to figure out the weaknesses while punishing careless random shooting.

There are a bunch of extra health and weapon upgrades, plus a whole stack of collectible cartridges that give you Virtual Boy and Game Boy style filters, but most are optional which will allow speedrunners to go nuts.

I'm having trouble imaging someone who wouldn't like this game, it's pretty much required playing for anyone with a Switch.

Final Score: 9.0

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