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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Famicast Game of the Year: Group 3

Feature Still Missing From the Switch of the Year

The Switch is a great system with a very smooth and minimalistic OS, however that doesn't mean there aren't things we still need to be improved. We decided one of the biggest missing features was the lack of ability to message and invite your friends into online games on the system. Sure Nintendo would love us to use the smartphone app for that, but even then it's very restricted and not particularly useful. Why can't we just click someone's name in our friend's list and jump into a game they're playing? Because Nintendo that's why! Our runner up "prize" for this award was the still hilarious labelled "coming soon" button on the Switch MyNintendo rewards. At this point, if you only have a Switch and have bought a couple of games, there is literally nothing you can spend your gold coins on. Unforgivable! Get on it Nintendo!

Indie Game of the Year

So many indie games. So many. Another twelve just got released as you were reading this article. We decided that the one every Switch owner should have was SteamWorld Dig 2! This expansive sequel is simply too good to miss! The runner up was Thumper, a game released last year on other systems but really made sense on Switch.

Danny Bivens Presents: Looks Good on a Shelf of the Year

Danny has a lot of stuff which he proudly displays on his shelf. He also likes to talk about it on a show called Famicast Collector's Corner (Ep001, Ep002, Ep003). The thing he thinks looks best is the Secret of Mana Collection (Seiken Densetsu here in Japan), closely followed by Dragon Quest XI (3DS version). Will he take them down off the shelf and play them in 2018? Only time will tell.

JC Presents: #hypertrollGET of the Year

Trolling is an artform. Being mean, or being a douche is easy. Really trolling should have heart, a message, and be subtle enough to miss at first glance. The Devolver Digital E3 press conference starts off with what could be another corporate presentation, but by the end of it you are questioning reality and whether you even like video games anymore. Beautifully done. A less subtle (but still great) troll is this review of Splatoon 2's voice chat solution entitled We Put Nintendo’s New Homing Pigeon Chat Solution For Splatoon 2 To The Test. Please enjoy.

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