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Monday, May 1, 2017

The Patreon Library [Season 1]

8 audio shows with 3 episodes each = 24 exclusive podcasts
Here is our collection of amazing Patreon exclusive content, including awesome podcasts and videos not seen outside of our exclusive group of wonderful Patrons!
If you're interested in gaining access to this content, swing by our Patreon page and consider supporting us! You'll immediately be able to download everything you see below!
In the meantime, feel free to browse the library and check out the site pages about each show to get more detailed info on it.

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Season 1 (May 2017 - April 2018)

Famicast: Sound Test
James' game music podcast! Sit back and chill to some awesome game music! Available as as an enhanced audio podcast or standard MP3.

Episode 001 - Mario and DK
Episode 002 - Autumn & Halloween
Episode 003 - Fighting Games

Famicast: Collector's Corner
Everything that looks good on a Danny's shelf! In-depth chat about collecting strange and rare Japanese games and hardware! Available as an audio and video show, the latter which shows you exclusive video of the games and hardware mentioned in the show! 

Episode 001 - Datach Joint ROM System
Episode 002 - Game Boy Color Cell Phone Connector
Episode 003 - GameCube SD Card Adaptor and Animal Crossing

Famicast: Life in Japan
James and special guests go deep on Japan topics! Recorded in downtown Tokyo, discover fascinating insights into Japanese life and culture!

Episode 001 - Getting Work & Dating in Japan
Episode 002 - Eating Out & Staying Healthy in Japan
Episode 003 - Driving & Travel

Famicast: Arm Chair Designer's Club (ACDC)
Ty and James reinvent videogames for the better of mankind. You're welcome!
Ever want to hear what the perfect version of Mario Kart plays like? 

Episode 001 - Mario Kart Series
Episode 002 - StarFox Series
Episode 003 - F-Zero Series

Famicast: Screen Time
Danny and James discuss movies, TV shows, and video games about movies and TV shows!
Available as an audio and video show, the latter which shows you exclusive video of the games and movies mentioned in the show! 

Episode 001 - Rogue Leader & Western Movies in Japan
Episode 002 - Marvel Superheroes Games and on Netflix
Episode 003 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi & Top Movies of 2017

Famicast: Champion Edition
Ty and special guests go ham on fighting game topics! Want to git gud and start winning tournaments? Let the pros tell you how!

Episode 001 - Here Comes A New Challenger!
Episode 002 - Fighting Games for Beginners
Episode 003 - EVO Japan 2018 Special

Famicast: Super Splat Hour
James and Sairus keep things fresh with hot Splatoon news and tips! Listen to the audio version for the tips, watch the video for exclusive gameplay!

Episode 001 - Splatfest History
Episode 002 - Gherkin Splatfest
Episode 003 - Salmon Run and Turf War (also feat. Danny)
[NB: Podcast ended after Season 1]

Happy Smile Super Challenge Famicast Wish Show
The whole Famicrew get together and challenge each other in a quiz show style format!

Episode 001 - Fame or Shame, Date Night, Game of Chance, Fake or Real
Episode 002 - Keyword Countdown, Date Night, Non-Denominational Winter Quiz, Fake or Real
Episode 003 - Keyword Countdown, N64 History Corner, Sai Does What Nintendon't, Fake or Real

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