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Sunday, October 30, 2022

RE 2, 3 and 7 Dated for Switch, Discount For Past RE7 Cloud Buyers in Japan

Love it or hate it, the cloud based hits keep on coming to the Nintendo Switch. While gamers can now enjoy Resident Evil Village via the cloud on the system since Friday (October 28), the other previously announced RE titles have been dated. Resident Evil 2 is coming on November 11, followed by RE3 on November 18 and Resident Evil 7 on December 16. Village retails for ¥4,990, however pricing on RE2, RE3 and RE7 has yet to be revealed. Cloud gameplay demos are currently available on the Switch eShop for RE2 and RE3.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that cloud based Resident Evil has been available on the Switch. Capcom teamed up with cloud provider Ubitus for the release of Biohazard 7 on the platform on May 24, 2018. Unlike the cloud titles that are on the Switch around the globe currently, the initial RE7 Cloud Version was sold via 180 day play tickets for ¥2,037 per period. Once the time period concluded, gamers no longer had access to the game unless they paid for another 180 day ticket. For those that took the plunge on the 2018 version, Capcom is offering a few perks including a discount on the purchase of the CERO Z Rated (18+) version of the 2022 release as well as the ability to transfer their game saves. This does not apply to the CERO D Rated (17+) version as the original 2018 cloud version of RE7 was the Z Rated version.  

The new version of Biohazard/Resident Evil 7 has not hit the eShop yet, but it appears that the 2022 and 2018 versions will sport different icons which will hopefully alleviate some of the confusion. You can see both icons below. 
2018 (via Nintendo)
2022 (via Capcom)
For some more footage of the 2018 cloud version of Resident Evil 7 on the Switch, be sure to check out our video here and here.

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