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Friday, September 7, 2018

Famicast Presents: The Summer of Streams! [2018 Edition]

Summer of Streams 2018

Welcome to our special seasonal (hopefully annual) feature where the whole Famicrew try and stream a different game every single day of summer! Are we crazy? Probably, but wouldn't you like to watch us devolve into madness in this crazy Japanese heat while watching us play cool video games?

TWITCH: To get involved LIVE, you need to subscribe to us on Twitch and make sure your notifications are on, so you'll get pinged when we're about to go live! Come and comment in realtime on the gaming prowess* you are seeing before your very eyes!

YOUTUBE: If you just want to watch in your own time, or prefer a more tightly edited video, go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we'll be adding them all there too afterwards!

TWITTER: You really should be watching for the #SummerOfStreams hashtag on our Twitter.

Wakarimashita? Capiche? Got that? Cool!

It's over! Here's everything we streamed [31 videos]

All our YouTube videos go public on Famicast Friday, but our Patrons get early access!

Sept 7th - Undertale with JC [No commentary]

Sept 6th - Mega Man 11 with JC

Sept 5th - Max: The Curse of Brotherhood with JC 

Sept 4th - Yono and the Celestial Elephants with JC 

Sept 3rd - Hollow Knight with JC 

Sept 1st - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the whole Famicrew!  [Patreon Exclusive]

Aug 31st - Sumikko Gurashi Sumikko Park he Youkoso with JC

Aug 30th - Toki Tori 2+ with JC

Aug 29th - Gekido with JC 

Aug 28th - Morphite with JC 

Aug 27th - Resident Evil 7: Cloud Edition with JC 

Aug 26th - The Famicast 132 - SUMMER OF SICK BURNS [Podcast]

Aug 24th - Taiko Drum Master with JC 

Aug 23rd - Kero Blaster with JC 

Aug 22nd: Yoku's Island Express with JC

Aug 22nd: Star Ghost with JC

Aug 21st: Implosion: Never Lose Hope with JC

Aug 20th:  Splatoon 2 [EU Splatfest: Relax Vs Adventure] with JC

Aug 19th: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate with JC

Aug 18th: Portal Knights with JC

Aug 17th: F-Zero X Expansion Kit (64DD) with Danny

Aug 16th: ARMS with JC and Danny

Aug 15th: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with JC

Aug 14th: DRAGON BALL FighterZ Beta Test with JC and Danny

Aug 13th: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle with Sai

Aug 12th: Valkyria Chronicles 4 with JC

Aug 11th: Famicast Reacts: Smash Bros. ULTIMATE Direct with JC, Danny, and Ty

Aug 10th - Paladins with the whole Famicrew! [Patreon Exclusive]

Aug 9th: Owlboy with JC [No commentary]

Aug 8th: Pro Yakyū Famista Evolution RPG Mode with Danny

Aug 5th: The Famicast 131 - DUBBA DABBA BATTER [Podcast]

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