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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Capcom Lunar New Year Sales Starts Now in Japan

Capcom has kicked off their Luna New Year Sale in Japan on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox family of systems. While non-Nintendo digital storefronts are seeing sales on multiple Resident Evil titles, Street Fighter and more, the Switch owners are getting a little bit left out in the cold. The following three titles are on sale from today (January 18) until February 1

Title | Original Price | % Off | Sale Price
Devil May Cry | ¥2,027 | 51% | ¥990
Devil May Cry 2 | ¥2,027 | 51% | ¥990
Devil May Cry 3 |¥1,990 | 50% | ¥990

All three titles on the Japanese eShop feature full English support. For a complete list on ALL of that Capcom games on sale in Japan on all platforms for the Lunar New Year, be sure to check out their hub page

Sources: 4gamer, Capcom JP

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