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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Free Switch Karaoke Between June 3 - 13 in Japan

If you fancy yourself a singer, you’re in luck. Joysound Karaoke for the Nintendo Switch is offering ten days of free songs this month. Starting on Friday, June 3 (10:00 a.m.) until Monday, June 13 (9:59 a.m.), users will be able to sing any of the thirty recommended songs up to 99 times per day. You can find the available songs listed below (in Japanese). The theme for this is centered around rain and rainbows. 
Joysound Karaoke for Nintendo Switch periodically offers free slots for users with recommended songs. To access the free songs, simply go to the “song search” area (曲をさがす in Japanese), then select “Try Songs for Free” (無料お試し曲 in Japanese). To sing more songs, you will need to purchase “tickets,” which start as low as ¥330 for a three hour session. You can download the game from the My Nintendo Japanese web portal here

Source: NCL

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